Sunday, September 11, 2011

School At Home

I have no desire to homeschool Eleanor. I do not think she needs to know how to read before entering Kindergarten and I am not worried about whether or not she can correctly identify a parallelogram before her fourth birthday. Eleanor on the other hand is very interested in learning and frequently asks me to be her teacher. So....we have recently started having "school" a few mornings a week. We work on a letter of the alphabet and then play a game or work on a craft. Eleanor received a "Big Box of Fun" from some dear friends for her birthday. It is literally a big bin full of all sorts of fun school/craft/learning activities. This box has made "school" so much more exciting. A couple of weeks ago we were reviewing the letter B and here are a few of the activities we did.
B is for beads, bugs and butterflies

sorting beads by color
bug patterns
Handprint butterfly