Monday, September 12, 2011

Meet the Teacher / First Day of School

I am quite delinquent in posting on this blog. There are a number of things that happened over the summer that will never make it on here but I need to live in the now so this will be my last "past" post.

E started pre-school last week. She is a Green Cheetah this year and will frequently say she is a "mean, green cheetah!" Funny thing is there is not a mean bone in this little girl. Although E can be a little overly aggressive she is very compassionate and quick to apologize when she has hurt someone.

The week before school started we attended Meet the Teacher night. We were happy to find that one of E's teacher's from My Morning Out had moved up and is an assistant teacher in her new Pre-K classroom. Several of E's friends from last year are in her new class as well. We have been blessed with a wonderful school and caring and compassionate teachers.
Ms. Toni
Ms. Carolyn, E's teacher from last year
First Day of Pre-K 3

I was looking back at last year's first day of school pictures and our girl has grown so much. I cannot wait to take a picture on our last day of Pre-K 3 and see how much she has changed. Before we know it our precious little one will be headed to Kindergarten. Somebody please slow down the time!

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