Saturday, June 03, 2006

I Hate Moving

I must admit I really hate moving. It is not the thought of relocating, or leaving friends behind (even though that is always hard), or even the packing and unpacking, but the move itself. The loading up vehicles with all of your earthly possessions and toting them across a city or sometimes even a state or sometimes even a country. I hate moving.

Today, Daniel and I along with our friend Rob moved the majority of my furniture out of my apartment. In case I haven't mentioned, I hate moving. Moving causes me anxiety. Moving makes me grumpy. Today's move caused me a little more anxiety than usual. Of course, this anxiety was caused by an event which at the time did not seem very funny, but now has become sort of comical. Let me share with you....

Ok, how many times have you been on the highway, freeway, expressway, or whatever you call the major road that connects one city to another, and have seen some unlucky person traveling with a mattress strapped to the top of their vehicle? Or the unlucky mover who is on the side of the road gathering belongings that have mysteriously left the confines of the back of a truck or the top of a luggage rack? Can you guess where I am going here? On Saturday, June 3rd I became one of the many unlucky movers who has lost an item or two to the highway. I hate moving!

Daniel, Rob and I loaded up the couch, dining room table, china cabinet, dresser, and bed frame without much despair. Then the challenge began. Where would we put the mattress from my double bed? We tried to put it in the back of Beth's (Daniel's sister) Pathfinder to no avail. The truck was full and the Pilot had little to no room. So our three brilliant minds together decided to strap it to the top of Beth's Pathfinder with some bungee cords. We got it up there and secured it tightly. Or atleast we thought we had secured it properly and tightly. Daniel and Rob left in their vehicles while I stayed behind to pack up a few more items. Shortly thereafter I got on the road as well in the Pathfinder. I slowly made my way to the interstate and began making my way on. I am sure you can guess what happens next. Within just a minute or two of entering the interstate, I hear a strange sound and look out the rearview mirror to see my mattress lying in the middle of the lane. I was mortified! There was more traffic than I desired and I could hardly find a place to pull over. I called Daniel and explained to him what had happened. I couldn't tell if he was frustrated or just trying not to laugh. I was trying not to cry. He told me NOT to get out of the car because he did not want me to get injured, but to just leave the mattress. My mattress became a casualty to Interstate 30. Luckily, this little mishap did not cause any injuries or accidents and looking back we now can see the humor in this event.

Unfortunately, our move is taking place in steps. The first step was to move all of my large furniture to Daniel's apartment. The second step is now moving all of our furniture combined to our new apartment. Thankfully, we hired movers! Maybe I don't hate moving as much as I thought after all!