Sunday, December 13, 2009

16 Months and the Red Chair

E is now 16 months old. It is hard to believe our baby is well into toddlerhood. Here are some fun facts about E.

* She still will not eat any type of meat. It does not matter how it is cooked or how hard I try to hide it in a dish she will spit it out.
* She knows the signs for all done, thank you, more, milk, eat, bath and baby.
* She also has about 20 words. It is amazing how quickly her vocabulary is growing.
* She continues to love to read. Her current favorites are The Little Train and Rudolph's Bright Christmas.
* She loves music and dancing.
* When daddy or mommy are on the laptop and she wants our attention she will walk up and close the laptop.
* She loves to Skype with her grandparents and will stand in front of the laptop and say "hi" even when no one is there.
* She also is obsessed with the cell phone and TV remotes.
* She has recently become very much a momma's girl and even though she calls for daddy all day long when he is at school or work she still clings to momma when he comes home.
* She loves her new red chair, a Christmas gift from GiGi and Pops. She likes to sit in there and watch Praise Baby or Baby Einstein. She also likes to put her baby in the chair and all of the animals from Noah's Ark.

We continue to be blessed by our sweet girl and look forward to what this month holds!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I Love My Aunt

Dear Aunt Beth,

I had a lot of fun playing with you while I was in Dallas for Thanksgiving. I miss you and wish you lived closer. Come visit me soon!