Saturday, May 31, 2008

On Our Knees

This morning as I perused the numerous blogs I read daily, I came across several prayer needs. Will you join me in lifting them up? You can visit each of these sites to learn of their needs:

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Not a Post for the Faint of Heart

Today I witnessed something very tragic. Sickeningly tragic. I was so sad. Let me paint the picture for you..... It is just a little before 5pm. Daniel has just picked me up from work and we are on our way home. I am telling him all about my "exciting day" when I look up and see something odd on the rear windshield wiper of the minivan in front of us. At closer inspection I realize it is a bird. As we come to a stop behind the minivan I can now tell it is a baby bird. It has that sweet little baby bird fuzz. It hops from the windshield wiper onto the back bumper. At this point I realize what is about to happen. This little bird is too young to fly. I begin to express my concern for this cute little cheeper to Daniel...."he's going to fall off and get hit"....."he's going to get hurt"...."I can't watch this happen (as I cover my face)".... "Daniel, if he falls off in front of our car, make sure you don't hit him"...."why are you smirking? He is going to get killed". This goes on for about three minutes. The light turns green and the minivan takes off. The little bird falls to the road. I give my instruction again of "DON'T HIT HIM!" Daniel moves a little to the right to avoid the bird. I look in the side mirror and see the poor little bird now flattened by our car. I guess the little guy had started to hop to the right just as we tried to avoid him. My husband committed VEHICULAR BIRDSLAUGHTER! Tragic I tell you, tragic!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This Post is for Liz and Carly

This post is dedicated to Liz and Carly. I know, I am corny, but hey, considering Liz has taken Carly to the zoo probably more times than I have been in my lifetime, I thought it would be appropriate.
Yesterday, Daniel and I went to the Fort Worth Zoo. We had a great time, but it sure was hot! Liz and Carly, I took a picture just for you.............
The obligatory flamingo and the back of the head photo.
Yes, I purposefully had Daniel take a picture just of the back of my head because at 27 weeks pregnant the backside is definitely not so attractive.

A couple of other fun photos from our day at the zoo:
This little orangutan was a hoot.
Are you talking to me?
Queen of the Jungle
My favorite zoo animal

After we left the zoo, we headed to Joe T Garcia's for some awesome fajitas!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


In my last post I mentioned that Daniel and I would be moving at the end of June. This is not the official move to Illinois, but the first of two moves. Daniel and I will be moving into his parent's house at the end of June and will live with them until the BIG move.

I Hate Moving Take Two

Boxes, boxes and more boxes! Oh the joy of packing and moving! Any of you who have followed this blog from its inception might remember this post from our last move 2 years ago. Yes, I still hate moving and lucky me, I get to move twice in the next 7 months. However, this time we will not be tying the mattresses to the top of any vehicles. The pictures below depict the current state of affairs in our guest room/office (although since these pictures were taken the number of boxes packed and ready to go has doubled). I thought about taking pictures of the boxes scattered throughout the rest of our house or pictures of the garden tub in the guest bathroom filled with boxes, but decided I would spare you the horror. And for those of you wondering, yes, we started packing two months before our anticipated move out date because my hubby and I definitely learned a lesson or two from our last move. Throwing random items in whatever box happens to be unsealed and still has room the day you are supposed to be out is not the most effective way of actually finding things once the move has been completed.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mom, Mother, Mommy, Mama, Friend

Today is Mother's Day! A day to honor the women in our lives who invested so much in us even when it was not easy. My mom doesn't frequent our blog, but just in case....

Mom, thanks for all you sacrificed so that I could go far. The long hours you worked, the sporting events you came to, the hours of piano practice and recitals you endured, the dinners you cooked after working a 12 hour shift, the injuries you bandaged and nursed, the trip you made to Tampa to visit me during my first semester of college when I wanted to quit and come home, a trip to Texas for my graduation from graduate school, my wedding day which turned into my own little fairy tale. These things have not been forgotten!

Today, marks my first Mother's Day. Our sweet Eleanor Grace is not yet in our arms, but she is definitely here with us. We are given daily reminders of her presence as she moves about safe within the womb. She makes both Daniel and I laugh as she works on her kick boxing skills. She makes me smile when I am awakened by her movements in the early hours of the morning and as I talk to her, pleading with her to settle down so that Mom can go back to sleep. The baby stuff that is slowly overtaking our already overflowing guest room/office. She is here and I am so thankful to be this little girl's mom and I haven't even had the privilege of holding her.

Daniel did a great job of making me feel special today. He gave me one of the most beautiful bouquets of flowers I have ever received and a sweet, sweet card.

But the greatest gift he gave to me was just his affirmation that I would be a great mom to our precious little one. I truly am blessed beyond measure.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

We Got Mooned at 24 Weeks

Went to the doctor today and Ella mooned us! Yep, seriously, full on butt cheeks. Good thing is, we know we are for sure having a girl. Dr. L said our little girl looks great!