Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Hate Moving Take Two

Boxes, boxes and more boxes! Oh the joy of packing and moving! Any of you who have followed this blog from its inception might remember this post from our last move 2 years ago. Yes, I still hate moving and lucky me, I get to move twice in the next 7 months. However, this time we will not be tying the mattresses to the top of any vehicles. The pictures below depict the current state of affairs in our guest room/office (although since these pictures were taken the number of boxes packed and ready to go has doubled). I thought about taking pictures of the boxes scattered throughout the rest of our house or pictures of the garden tub in the guest bathroom filled with boxes, but decided I would spare you the horror. And for those of you wondering, yes, we started packing two months before our anticipated move out date because my hubby and I definitely learned a lesson or two from our last move. Throwing random items in whatever box happens to be unsealed and still has room the day you are supposed to be out is not the most effective way of actually finding things once the move has been completed.


ADB said...

We so need to get together before you move! I don't like moving either and YAY for me this will be the first time since I've been in TX that I haven't moved every year! I love leaving in a house!!!

Lizzie Fish said...

moving is horrible. unpacking is SUCH a nightmare, isn't it? i'm so proud of your organization! it will make your life so much less miserable when the time comes to set up your new fabulous home!

Jeanine said...

Oh you will be SO glad that you started 2 months early. We always did that until this past time when we hired "those movers" and it was awesome knowing what was in all those boxes. The movers were not so organized...I found one of my good bowls in the bottom of a huge box of sheets and bath towels. The label on the box said "stuff." I thought the bowl was lost for over a month!