Monday, June 23, 2008

Eat, Drink, Pee, No I.V.

That catchy mantra from the 3-day came back to haunt me this past weekend. I learned that if you are 30 weeks pregnant and you are unable to eat or drink due to GI issues you will find yourself in Labor and Delivery at your local hospital for some IV fluids. Thanks to what we think was some kind of GI bug, I found myself dehydrated and in need of some medical attention yesterday.

Thankfully after 5 hours at the hospital, almost three bags of IV fluid, a nice shot of phenergan, and some apple juice, the little one and I are on the mend. Our "active little critter" continued to live up to her name yesterday as the nurse chased her around trying to get her heartbeat. Just when the nurse thought she could position the monitor, our little peanut would start doing gymnastics and the nurse would have to look for her again. It was great to know that despite my feeling crummy for almost 5 days that the baby was just fine.

On a positive note, Labor and Delivery is no longer a "scary unknown" for me. Daniel and I figured out where we need to go for the real deal, where to park, how to find our way through the maze of hallways, what the rooms look like, etc. To top it off, I had a great nurse who took awesome care of me. Now the resident on duty....that is another thing, but we won't go there. Let's just say we are hoping he is nowhere to be found when I am in labor.

So, today I have been reliving my 60 mile walk and the thousand or so times I heard that ever catchy mantra....Eat, Drink, Pee, No IV!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today, Daniel and I are celebrating our 2nd Anniversary! We have truly been blessed over the past two years. I waited 29 years for my prince charming and all I can say is he was well worth the wait! Happy Anniversary sweetheart!September 25, 2005
The day after Daniel proposed

June 17, 2006
Our Wedding Day

Friday, June 13, 2008

Dinner Party

When I was in seminary I attended a great church in Ft. Worth. We had a large single's group and there was always some sort of fellowship going on. One of my most and least favorite social events was Dinner for 6 and (you fill in the blank, but most often bowling). The participants did not know who they would be having dinner with until they showed up. Tonight as I was cooking dinner for Daniel, I thought back to Dinner for 6. I asked myself the question if I could have a dinner party and invite a random group of girlfriends, who may or may not know one another, who would I invite.
Here is my very first Cyber Dinner for 6 guest list:

My mentor for the past 10 years, Liz. The story of how Liz and I met is very random. It involves her son's then ex-girlfriend -now wife, a stolen bag, a summer in Hawaii, Ridgecrest NC, a gentleman named Eddie, an unexpected phone call and a trip to Georgia. I told you it is random.

Jeanine. I first "met" Jeanine one evening while jumping fences on blogs. I use the term "met" loosely because Jeanine and I have actually never met one another face to face. We have emailed, we use Facebook and we read one anothers blogs, but we have never actually met. Jeanine's husband, was my pastor's roommate in college. I stumbled upon Jeanine's blog through Brent's blog and knew immediately that she and I were kindred spirits. I hope to meet Jeanine and her precious family before the end of the year.

Beth. Beth is married to Brent, our pastor. Beth is one phenomenal woman. She is probably one of the most dedicated doctors I have ever met. She is insanely smart, beautiful inside and out and quite funny! Beth was the first person other than Daniel to know that I was pregnant.

Lindsay. Lindsay and I met at PCBC just before Daniel and I got engaged. Lindsay is like a little sister to me and I love her dearly. She is my coffee, ice cream, dinner, or whatever buddy. She wants Ella to be a ballerina much to my chagrin.

Jen a.k.a Bug. Jen and I have been friends for almost 17 years. We met in high school and have been friends ever since. Jen and I survived our Junior year at SAS, we walked 2 1/2 miles from school to my house after taking our AP Art History Exam, she and her mom came to visit me during my first semester of college, she flew to TX sans husband to be in my wedding, and has always been just a phone call away. Jen just had a sweet little boy, Ethan. How exciting it will be for Ethan and Ella to meet someday!

I could invite a dozen or so more people, but then it would no longer be Dinner for 6 and unfortunately our dining room table doesn't even seat 6, so I guess it is a good thing this is just a cyber dinner for now.