Sunday, April 30, 2006

Showered by Good Friends

Here are some pictures from a shower that was hosted by Gaylon and Sue Brown from our church . The Brown's are long time friends of the Cooley family.
Gloria and I had a good time opening our gifts at the shower.

My mom wrote down all the names of the people who gave us gifts as we opened them. To the left of my mom is Nancy Young and Merikay Presley is seated to next to Nancy.

Some of the gifts were difficult to open so I gave those to Gloria to open.

I didn't know this until I got engaged but apparently few are able to resist the urge to watch an engaged couple open presents. It's like cocaine for some married people.

Another shot of the gift-opening-watcher addicts

A number of people gave us a set of flatware. I think this is one of the sets that we got.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Wedding Shower Fiesta Style

Here are some pics from a shower that some friends from Daniel's old neighborhood organized.
If there's a party you gotta have cake!

Susan Byrne (Gloria's mom), Karla Escobar, Al Escobar (Best Man) and Jim Byrne (Gloria's step-dad) enjoy some drinks at the party.

Gloria's family came to Dallas for the shower (Susan, Jim, Glo, Tammy, & Thomas (Gloria's brother)

Here are some old friends from Daniel's neighborhood (Tommy Wainscott, Frances Gannon (a gracious host), Greg Gannon, Erica Gannon, Erin Wainscott)

Daniel's cousin Martha Glasgow and his mom Marty

Some of the guests enjoy some drinks, chips & salsa

This is really why we came

After we opened our gifts we were afflicted with a creative skit which everyone enjoyed at our expense