Thursday, October 26, 2006

One Cute Kid

This is such a great picture of my nephew, Hunter Thomas! He is going to have all the girls chasing him with those big blue eyes! They just better not try and take his ice cream away from him!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Third of a Year

I can hardly believe that four months ago today, Daniel and I became husband and wife. It has been a fantastic journey thus far. We love doing the ordinary every day things of life together including our daily after dinner snack of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream and Hot Fudge!

Some of my favorite times with Daniel are the times we share together at our dining room table. Each morning, with the exception of Wednesdays, we have breakfast together, three days out of the week we are able to have lunch together, and each evening we sit down to eat dinner together. Those times are filled with great conversation and on most occasions laughter. I love cooking for Daniel and he loves eating!

I know this is a random post, but I could not help but mention that today is our four month wedding anniversary and I love being married to Daniel!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Wide Awake!

Well, it is 3am and I am wide awake. Rather than continuing to toss and turn and disrupt Daniel's sleep, I am in the office reading other people's blogs and trying to figure out why I am not asleep. There is not much to do at 3am as there is not really anything worth watching on basic cable and although I am not tired, I cannot focus to read. Hmmm....

Daniel and I had a busy weekend this past weekend. Friday evening we joined a group of friends in celebrating our friend John Berry's birthday at Pappadeaux's. Saturday morning we had an early start as Daniel took the GRE and I met up with some friends to shop for a baby shower we are hosting. Saturday afternoon Daniel and I watched the Texas/OU Game. Hook 'em Horns! Saturday evening we drove out to Prosper, TX to attend a wedding shower in honor of our friends Sarah and Allon. We will be headed to Shreveport, LA in a few weeks to attend their wedding. Sunday morning, Daniel and I had a mini-date as we spent a little time at Starbuck's on our way to church. Then off to church we went for a good time of worship and fellowship. Sunday afternoon was filled with Daniel attending a meeting and I ran errands. Finally about 5pm we both were home and it was time for laundry and dinner.

All in all we had a great weekend. I was a little tired yesterday morning when that little annoying thing called an alarm clock went off, but it was worth it!

Well, perhaps I will attempt to catch some zzzzz's before it is time to start another day!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

An Eschatological Perspective

Well as some of you know this school year will be my last … I hope at DTS. As this realization sets in I am experiencing a couple of somewhat divergent emotions: the satisfaction of completing a long and challenging task and the fear associated with not knowing what or where the next task will be.
The title in case you are wondering is sort of a double meaning. Eschatology refers to the study "last things" or "end times" in theology, and my thoughts are often focused on the end of this road at seminary. It seems that it is human nature to look for completion and finality in life, and I suppose graduation represents that sort of thing. I also see that the end is simply a new beginning with new uncertainties for Gloria and I. As I reflect on this I realize that the real final and completing event that I ought to always be yearning for is the blessed hope of the return of Christ (Tit 2:13). Only his return will bring the final completion that human nature is looking for and release from an uncertain world.