Saturday, December 11, 2010

Baking with Mom

Eleanor loves to help me bake. Our kitchen is the size of a small closet so my solution to the problem is to move it to the dining room table. Our friend Seth turned 2 on Thanksgiving Day and Eleanor helped me bake school bus cupcakes in his honor.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

It's A Snowy Day

Although we have lived in Chicago for 2 years now, this is the first winter that Eleanor is old enough to really enjoy the snow. Last Wednesday as the sun came up she ran to the window and exclaimed, "Mommy, it's a snowy day!" We only received a dusting that day and it had all melted away by the next morning. Fast forward to yesterday morning. We woke up to a very steady snowfall and a couple of inches already on the ground. A beautiful winter wonderland! Eleanor could not wait to go outside. Unfortunately, we did not have snow pants so her time in the snow was brief but I think she enjoyed it just the same.

"I touched it Mommy!"
Just for the record, she does have mittens she just didn't want to wear them.

So cute

I love this picture. It looks like she is conducting an orchestra.