Thursday, May 29, 2008

Not a Post for the Faint of Heart

Today I witnessed something very tragic. Sickeningly tragic. I was so sad. Let me paint the picture for you..... It is just a little before 5pm. Daniel has just picked me up from work and we are on our way home. I am telling him all about my "exciting day" when I look up and see something odd on the rear windshield wiper of the minivan in front of us. At closer inspection I realize it is a bird. As we come to a stop behind the minivan I can now tell it is a baby bird. It has that sweet little baby bird fuzz. It hops from the windshield wiper onto the back bumper. At this point I realize what is about to happen. This little bird is too young to fly. I begin to express my concern for this cute little cheeper to Daniel...."he's going to fall off and get hit"....."he's going to get hurt"...."I can't watch this happen (as I cover my face)".... "Daniel, if he falls off in front of our car, make sure you don't hit him"...."why are you smirking? He is going to get killed". This goes on for about three minutes. The light turns green and the minivan takes off. The little bird falls to the road. I give my instruction again of "DON'T HIT HIM!" Daniel moves a little to the right to avoid the bird. I look in the side mirror and see the poor little bird now flattened by our car. I guess the little guy had started to hop to the right just as we tried to avoid him. My husband committed VEHICULAR BIRDSLAUGHTER! Tragic I tell you, tragic!

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Lizzie Fish said...

It is tragic. Did you cry? I want to cry. Poor little fuzzball. I swear I might have gotten right out of the car to rescue the poor little birdie.