Friday, May 15, 2009

Daddy Does Bath Time

Anyone who has read this blog for any amount of time has probably already figured out that Daniel is a very hands-on dad. He helps with everything and for that I am extremely grateful. Tonight (and to be honest, most nights) Daniel took care of bath time. For the record, the reason Daniel typically does bath time is because our Kamikaze likes to try and give her mother a heart attack on a daily basis while in the bathtub. She flips over on her tummy, puts her face in the water, tries to stand up, pulls out the drain plug, etc, etc, etc. Anyway, back to tonight's story. So Daniel takes Eleanor upstairs for her bath while I am taking care of a few things in the living room. A few minutes later Daniel calls down and says "I need you to come watch the baby." Me - "You need me to come watch the baby? Why?" as I am walking upstairs. As I reach the bathroom Daniel says "so I can clean up the pee!" Me - "Pee? Where?" Daniel - "Look at our bedroom floor!" Well, needless to say, while Daniel was getting the bath water ready, Kamikaze was rambling around our bedroom sans diaper and decided to leave a puddle along with a little trail as she quickly exited the vicinity of the said accident. What do I do? I pull out the camera and take pictures so that I can bless all of our blog readers with this story. No really, your thanks are not necessary. So, without further ado.....Daddy does Bath Time
Yes, that is the puddle Kamikaze left on the floor while waiting for Daddy to put her in the bath.
Kamikaze and her daddy


Jeanine said...

Hee hee. Oh the things we will photograph so we can embarrass our kids later. That is priceless!

Meredith Poe said...

Love it love it love it! That story is too cute. I can imagine the whole event unfolding as you told the story. Love to you all -