Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mishaps from a Multi-tasking Momma

Funny story. Our house. This evening around 5:30ish. Actually, let's back up to about 5:10. I have Daniel put E in her highchair because we are going to introduce her to a sippy cup and puffs. I was not thinking about the fact that it is close to her dinner time (5:30) and that she did not drink a full bottle at her last feed. Before I go any further, let me tell you that this kid LOVES to eat! She can hardly contain herself when she sees a bottle or when we put her in the highchair. Sometimes the anticipation of her meal will cause spontaneous combustion or laughter followed by tears as normal folks call it.

Ok, so back to the story.

We get her all set up in the highchair and give her the sippy cup. She doesn't really sip, but definitely enjoys gnawing on it. I give her a couple of puffs but she is not so interested. She then quickly goes from enjoying her sippy cup to great agitation over the fact that she is not being fed and in case we hadn't noticed she is in her highchair. I hurry into the kitchen and begin thawing out her bananas, get her prunes and rice cereal in bowls and onto the table. Daniel, being the wonderful dad and husband that he is begins to feed her the prunes and rice cereal. While dad is feeding the kid, I decide to get dinner started. Tortellini soup. YUM! I get the olive oil and garlic in the pot and am just about to pour in the chicken broth when I realize that my poor math skills have shown up once again. Instead of 2 quarts of chicken broth (64 oz.) I only purchased 32 oz. I quickly advise Daniel of the situation who if you remember is feeding our child. Who happens to still be waiting on her bananas to thaw! Daniel volunteers to run to the nearest store to buy the broth because you can't have tortellini soup without the broth. He comes into the kitchen and asks what he needs to buy. While in the kitchen we are distracted by our neighbor's two year old son standing on their kitchen table completely naked. After a good laugh Daniel leaves for the store and I walk into the dining room to finish feeding E. I knew it was too quiet in there! As I rounded the corner I see rice cereal being flung through the air. My dear sweet husband had left the bowl on the highchair tray and forgot that E loves to try and feed herself with the spoon. What a mess!

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petro said...

Too funny!! Did you snap a photo? Give Ella kisses for me.