Wednesday, March 11, 2009

30 is NOT That Bad Folks!

Ok, so what is the fuss with 30 people? Everyone is always dreading turning 30. Well, I turned 30 weeks old yesterday and so far it is just great. As you may have noticed a number of my recent pictures have been taken in my highchair. This is mainly because most of my new experiences take place there. Yesterday mom and dad gave me this great cup thing to chew on. I think something is supposed to come out of the spout but I am not quite sure how to make that happen. If you read the post below you will know that this picture was taken just a few minutes before I had a meltdown. You see, I LOVE to eat and I know that when I am in my highchair that means FOOD. Well, I am not sure what the parents were thinking yesterday but they put me in my chair and only gave me that cup thing and a few measly puffs (what the heck is a puff anyway?). I wanted FOOD. The real stuff. So far these are the foods I have eaten: rice cereal, bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, butternut squash, apples, prunes, biter biscuits, and green beans. It is all good, but I am wondering when I am going to get the really good stuff. You know the stuff I am talking about, chips and salsa, enchiladas, margaritas, stuffed pizza, Starbucks. I think my parents are holding out on me. Check back next week to see my new adventure for 31 weeks. Until then - eat well, live well!


Jeanine said...

Dear Ella,
Judging by the foods you are craving, sounds like you've got some TEXAS blood running through those pretty veins! You know what they can take the girl outta Texas, but you can't take Texas outta the girl! Now go tell your mama to throw some enchiladas in the blender and don't forget the guacamole!
Love, Aunt Jeanine

Lizzie Fish said...

for future reference: lzrdbrth75 AT hotmail DOT com

okay! It's really better to not cook stuff in the microwave, but I'm super lazy! HA! now for the ck, you can do four things:
1) boil it
2) use a steamer insert in your pot - if you have one - and steam for about twelve minutes (ck breast)
3) put a little water in a pan with a lid and steam/sautee it that way, just add liquid as needed
4) roast it whole or in parts w/o seasonings

And...use I use canned beans...I do not have the planning ability to remember to soak and then cook beans. =) But you would just make them like normal but w/o the ham hock! Haha...really, it could be really yummy if you cook them with chopped up carrots and celery and then puree it all together.