Friday, February 27, 2009

TN Tales

I have been thinking about this post all week and I am still not sure where to begin or what to share. My trip to TN started out as just a fun opportunity to meet two amazing ladies and to share a little life with them. It ended up being a spiritually refreshing and emotionally renewing retreat. I LOVED the Joyner family and what a tremendous blessing it was to meet Arthanise and hug her neck! I have two very dear new friends who impacted my life in an amazing way over a few short days.
Eleanor and I spent three fun-filled days gallivanting around TN with our new friends. We enjoyed some sweet time with Arthanise at one of my favorite places to eat - Cracker Barrel. It was an emotional meeting because there was a time when I thought I might never get to meet Arthanise. But God is so much bigger than cancer! E loves her some Aunt Arthy!
Jeanine and I talked and talked and talked some more. A mutual friend once commented that we were "two peas in a pod," and that statement could not have been any truer. I felt like I had just met my long lost sister! It was nice to talk face to face with a friend and not on the phone, facebook, or email. Sometimes we just need a friend with flesh and I was definitely in need of one!

E played with Jeanine's 4 kiddos and adored them. In the mornings when they would wake up and she could hear them she would start looking around our room saying "hoo, hoo, hoo" until I would take her downstairs.
Olivia and E
Avery, Davis and Donovan

Thanks Jeanine and Arthanise for welcoming us to TN and treating us like family! We love you!


Jeanine said...

Awwww! Reading that brought tears to my eyes! We miss you!
And thank you for your prayers today...God answered in a BIG way. I will have to fill you in soon. :) Love from TN!

JJ said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Jeanine and Arthanise are wonderful women whom I've been blessed with as friends. I'm glad we met and I hope you'll come back to visit soon and I'll get to say 'hello.' Hope you're staying warm!