Thursday, February 12, 2009

Half Birthday

I can't believe it! My sweet girl is 6 months old. The days have sure flown by. It seems like just the other day I was waking Daniel up at 1:12 in the morning to tell him my water broke and we needed to head to the hospital. It does not seem like it was 6 months ago that I was walking laps in the labor and delivery wing of the hospital waiting for E's arrival. 6 months.....6 months....where does the time go! I realized the other day as I was rocking E to sleep that the birthmark that used to be under her nose was almost completely gone. I also noticed that her once almost completely bald head was no longer quite so bald. Her long skinny feet, are still long and skinny. Her big blue eyes, are still big and blue. But that tiny baby who entered the world on August 12th is no longer a tiny baby. She is growing up!
Sitting in her new "throne." She just started sitting in her high chair for meals and while Daniel and I eat dinner and she loves it. As you can tell by her bib she had just finished a delicious dinner of bananas, avocados and rice cereal. She is also eating sweet potatoes now and loves them. This girl loves to eat!


Lizzie Fish said...

yay! you know even though we might not ever be in the same state again, it's so nice to have a friend the same age as my baby. it's sweet. =)

S+S Kline said...

Hooray for the 6 month mark!! How wonderful! This is when it REALLY starts to get fun! I is so crazy how fast they change and grow! Just keep enjoying every moment...

BTW, I love your high chair...we have the same one and it's been perfect for both babies!