Saturday, January 10, 2009

First Big Snow

We have had lots and lots of snow the past two days. Eleanor is not sure what to think!


Lizzie Fish said...

continuing the unrelated-ness:

yep! it's waaaay less expensive and you can control the entire process from source to texture. it's more work since you have to cook/puree/freeze everything, but if you do it in big batches, it makes life easier.

i like to roast the squash, carrots, sweet potatoes and apples, and you can just load up your oven and save tons of time and energy that way before embarking on the messy puree process. =) just get a bunch of stacking ice cube trays and some freezer bags and you can make enough food for a month.

i.m.o. almost every food except avos need a little water to smooth out the consistency at first...i freeze avos separately but they're usually best served w/ bananas. the end state of avos alone is NOT pleasant. haha. of course the end state of bananas is not that pleasant, either, but not nearly as bad. haha

longest comment ever! sorry =)

ADB said...

send some of that snow my way!!