Thursday, August 07, 2008

Stir Crazy

I was discharged from the hospital this afternoon. Unfortunately, I am on bedrest until I see Dr. L on Tuesday or unless I hear otherwise tomorrow. I thought that hearing the words, "You need to stay in bed," would be a welcome reprieve from work and all the other menial tasks I do each day; however, after just 24 hours of bedrest I am already going stir crazy.
It especially stinks because I don't feel bad at all. In fact, I feel great except for the slight headache I get if I sit up to quickly. Staying in bed would be so much easier if I didn't feel well.

Oh well, at least I have the Olympics to watch starting tomorrow and maybe I can get the dozens of thank you notes written that have been neglected.

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Darla said...


I just caught up on your blog...Wow!!! We are praying for you and that God will give you patience as your little one continues to grow inside. Enjoy the Olympics and count yourself hugged!! Much love...