Saturday, August 09, 2008

Run, Kick, Shoot, Score

Well, the Olympics are off to a great start. Opening Ceremonies....IMPRESSIVE! What a performance! Thank goodness for some high quality athletic entertainment while I count the hours until my doctor's appointment on Tuesday. I tried to explain the rules of soccer to Ella as we watched Brazil beat N. Korea and China and Canada tie, but she was more interested in practicing her free kicks against my ribs and working on her hiccups. I then tried to explain the fundamentals of sand volleyball as we watched the US beat the Dutch, but again she was not really interested. Instead she was practicing her spikes on my bladder and her sets and bumps on my lower abdomen. Oh how I will miss these little movements when she is in my arms, but I am longing to hold her more and more each day. I promise I won't give a play by play of my Olympic games watching each day, but be forewarned....there is no telling what might appear on this blog over the next few days during my imprisonment in my king size bed.


Jeanine said...

I just had to ask...are you sure those aren't plies and ballet kicks that Ella is doing? hee hee

lindsay said...

I have to agree - I think she is practicing on her ballet barre routine. Let me know if I can bring you anything. I am a free woman today, tomorrow, and on Monday.