Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

Not too much going on in the Cooley household. At least not anything truly blog worthy. But I figured it was time for a little update. So here goes.....
* Daniel and I survived our move into his parent's house at the end of June. However, next time, someone remind me that moving at 8 months pregnant is not the most ideal scenario.
* I am now 34 weeks pregnant. We saw the doctor today and Ella is doing great. It appears we may have a thumbsucker on our hands. (Much to her daddy's chagrin!) She is head down and moving in the right direction.
* We assembled the crib last weekend and now we just need to rearrange all the furniture in our room.
* We started our Prepared Childbirth Class two weeks ago and our teacher is great. Daniel said she reminds him of a character on Scrubs.
* 1 baby shower down , 3 to go

Hopefully I will have something more interesting to blog about soon!


Lizzie Fish said...

my two cents on the thumb thing...yeah, you can take a paci away and you can't remove a thumb...BUT we were never frantically searching for the paci in the middle of the night, fishing it out of the backseat to calm a tiny screaming passenger while driving and even now when she's really tired or really upset, carly can soothe herself right away.

and when SHE can do it, it means I don't have to. =)

but, your sweet baby might just be practicing getting her lunch. so glad she's doing well! =)

Kylene said...

Hey Gloria! Just wanted to say hi and congrats on your sweet baby-to-be! Man, she's almost here. Good luck getting everything settled/organized before Ella arrives!

S+S Kline said...

We're sooo excited for you as you prepare for the arrival of your sweet little girl! It won't be long now! And I think you are blogging about one of the most interesting things there could ever be! :) This is an incredibly exciting and wonderful time for you and we are thinking of and praying for you...please keep the updates coming!

Nicole said...

Gloria, enjoy these last few weeks of waiting on Ella. It goes so fast! Wishing you much joy in these weeks of waiting and praying for your sweet little arrival.

Jeanine said...

Don't worry about the thumb. Olivia was a thumb sucker and all it took was a princess bike to break the habit when she was three! Like lizziefish can't lose a is a wonderful thing!
And I can't belive she is almost here! Before you know it you will be holding her in your arms!