Friday, April 11, 2008

What's In A Name?

Naming a baby is not easy! Although, I have to admit Daniel and I did not have a difficult time coming up with our little girl's name. For months, even before we found out we were pregnant we talked about what we would name our first child, or at least I talked about it and every now and then Daniel would throw in a thought or two. If it was a boy, it would be named after our fathers and Daniel's grandfather. If it was a girl, we would name her Ella. Once we found out we were pregnant we would talk about whether this baby would be Will or Ella. One night as we were getting ready for bed, Daniel asked, "What do you think about the name Eleanor?" I told him I liked it, but that it was a very traditional name. He said, "If the baby is a girl, I think we should name her Eleanor and call her Ella." I then asked him if he knew that Eleanor was my Nana's name. He did not, but that sealed the deal. Our little girl would be named Eleanor Grace. We chose the middle name Grace, because this baby is an unmerited gift from God. That's what's in a name!

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Lizzie Fish said...

What a beautiful legacy for your little sweet pea!

We hope your tummy is feeling much better! Did you know that there is an actual hormonal link between heartburn and how much hair a baby is born with?...we'll start sending some bows! =)