Friday, April 18, 2008


Well, tomorrow morning Daniel and I are headed to Chicago. This is not a vacation, but more a scouting trip for us to check out our "new home." Yes, Daniel and I are moving to the Chicago area. What a shock for this Florida girl who has been transplanted in Texas for the past 8 years and who thinks anything under 70 degrees is just WRONG! I have never been to Chicago so I am looking forward to exploring the city even if it is cold, windy and rainy in the middle of April!

Daniel has been accepted to a PhD program at Trinity Divinity School and will be starting the program in January. He was originally accepted for the Fall semester, but there was one tiny problem. The first day of classes just happened to coincide with my due date! YIKES! Not exactly the perfect circumstances for a cross country move to a new city. So instead of causing his wife to go into a frenzy, my sweet husband petitioned to defer his start date until January and the program director in his infinite wisdom (knowing that a hormonal pregnant woman is a force to be reckoned with) approved his petition.

So, we are making the trip to check out the campus, meet with faculty and staff, and scout out areas where we may want to live. We are tentatively planning to move at the beginning of November.

Pictures to come next week.


Andi said...

Congrats!!! Buy some warm clothes!

Susan said...

That is awesome!!! I am so excited for you all. I have 2 very good friends from childhood who live in Chicago and both have baby girls! I can hook you up with them if you need someone to bounce questions off of or want to grab a cup of coffee once you move...let me know!

Susan said...

Oh - and Andi's right about the warm clothes. I was so nervous about the winter here, but it really hasn't been bad (although, I think Chicago is colder). With thin layering and my obnoxiously puffy, long coat, I am quite warm!

Lizzie Fish said...

WOW Congratulations to Daniel! And oh my, Glo, it's going to be SO COLD but it is suuuuch a great city.

I'm so glad you have this blawg so we can keep up with your transcontinental adventures! =)

ADB said...

Congrats and you will be missed! You guys are going to love Chicago! We need to get together soon.

Emily said...

Wow! Y'all will be super busy in the upcoming months. Congratulations to you both. Chicago is so fun!