Thursday, February 21, 2008

Guatemala was Great pt. 1

The trip was wonderful, and Gloria and I are so appreciative of everyone who supported us financially and otherwise. In fact, there was an excess of financial support given on our behalf that will go directly to the ministry in Guatemala!

We spent four days in Guatemala City and three days in Antigua. The San Gabriel boys home in Guatemala City was a challenge. All the boys were split into 5 groups. Our group proved to be challenging. Most of the boys were a collection of various "special needs" cases & most of them were great, but a few were a handful. Looking back on it I think I can see that those boys can tell tales that no child should know. I pray that those kids will receive the love and care that they deserve.

Check back later for another installment...

We took some photos in Guatemala. Click on the link below the picture and check them out!
Guatemala 2008

More pictures from other team members.

The Childs


Lizzie Fish said...

completely unrelated to guatemala...i got the tylenol cold came in a box with nighttime pills and daytime pills, but eh, it doesn't really help with the eye-bulging jaw-throbbing. i did drink a gallon and a half of water, though, and that seems to help. =)

ADB said...

Ah-I love Guatemala! Glad you guys had a great visit!! Are you guys planning on going back anytime soon? I would really love to go back.