Thursday, June 07, 2007

Horses, Screaming Frogs and More

Last weekend Daniel and I headed to Pilot Point to visit with his Aunt Bonnie and Bill. They have a great house on 22 acres. We had such a fun time. Daniel picked me up from work on Friday afternoon and we headed out. When we arrived in Pilot Point, Bonnie and Bill were in the kitchen cooking a fabulous dinner. We had Copper River Salmon, a yummy salad, squash, and some great bread. After dinner we headed outside to sit on the back porch with some herb tea to watch the sun set and to enjoy the beautiful scenery. It was so peaceful. The cows from across the way were lowing, the frogs were singing, the wind was blowing. Sheer beauty! As we went to bed that night there was a huge thunderstorm and we fell asleep with the deep thunder and flashes of lightening.

The next day we walked around the property. One of the funniest things that happened was sneaking up on the frogs at the pond and hearing them scream right before they jumped in the water. It was greatness! I had never heard a frog scream and didn't really believe that they did it until I heard it with my own ears. We played with the horses and just had a great time visiting with Bonnie and Bill. We drove into the town square to have lunch at a wonderful whole in the wall Mexican restaurant. After lunch we headed back to the property where we drove the tractor and played with the horses a little more. It was such a good weekend and Daniel and I had a fun time getting away from the city and spending time with family.

Cody enjoying a mid-morning snack
Selano and "Lil' Bit."
The baby has actually not yet been named. He was six weeks old when we went out there and so cute. He was at the stage where he was exploring everything with his mouth.

Cody decided he needed to take a walk with me.

Cody is an extrovert if you can't tell. He always has to be a part of the action.

Home of the Screaming Frogs
Lil' Bit's Momma, Bandit

God's beautiful creation

Wild grapes

Bo-Bo and Bubbles, the fattest donkeys I have ever seen!


Amy said...

Is that because most of the donkeys you've seen are Guatemalan???

Hey YES let's get together at Mimi's in Arlington, that sounds great! We're not doing much these days so my July weekends are waiting to be filled!!! When it's a good one, let me know.


ADB said...

It seems so beautiful and peaceful there. Not much on horses-have I ever told you about my stubborn horse that I had to ride on in Hawaii? If you haven't heard it, remind me to tell it to you next time we see each other-it's pretty funny!