Friday, June 29, 2012

Yee Haw Cowgirl

Eleanor has spent the week at horse camp.  A local riding place was holding a Vacation Bible School/Horse Camp and we decided to let E participate.  This girl loves her some horseback riding.  She has even started talking about taking riding lessons.  It has been interesting to hear the things she has learned about horses while at camp.  She can tell you all about how you can tell how a horse is feeling by the way it holds it ears (if they are flat back they are mad and will nip you) and she knows why they flick their tails (to rid themselves of flies) and she can tell you that their eyes are on the sides of their heads unlike ours.  She was one of the youngest kids at camps and I would chuckle watching her try to mount the horse.  Her very long almost 4 year old legs are still not long enough to reach the stirrups.  I am looking forward to many more horseback rides in the years to come!

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