Thursday, February 23, 2012


Tonight E was on skype with her Na Na. When it was time to say goodnight this is the conversation that ensued:

E: I want to stay with Na Na. I don't want to hang up.
Me: Ok, do you want me to put you on a plane to go to FL?
E: Will you go with me on the plane?
Me: No, I think I will stay here.
E: Who will go with me?
Me: No one. I'll send your lovey with you.
E: My lovey? He can't sit on the plane with me, he doesn't have any legs and HE CAN"T OPEN MY SNACKS.

Oh precious E! You are serious about your snacks!

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From my full heart... said...

Now THAT is cute! I love it! (Oh, and we need a phone date pronto...been WAY too long!)