Monday, October 10, 2011

I Want to Remember

My MIL gave me a book a while back where I could record all of the funny or cute things E has said but I want to be able to put them in the book in chronological order so until I can find the time to go through all my old blog posts and FB statuses I need to record things here.

While we were in FL this past week visiting family E said one of the funniest things she has said in a while. We were visiting "the cousins" at their house and the kids asked to go play in the front yard. I had just told K that E could go outside with them but that an adult would need to go outside with them. In the kitchen E was talking to Aunt Kate and Aunt Kate said the same thing. E responded, "that's ok, I can be the adult." She is growing up way too fast.

The next morning as we were packing up to head to the airport E was talking about her time with the cousins. She said, "H is the sweetest boy. I just wanted to hug him so much!" She does love her cousins and could not give H enough hugs. So sweet!

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