Monday, June 08, 2009

What Do You Say?

Here are the top five things said in our house these days:

1.) Be careful - our little kamikaze has no fear. She is into everything and is in constant motion.
2.) No biting - E is experimenting with her two (almost three) little chompers. In fact, this evening as we were getting ready to put her to bed Daniel pointed out some "scratches" on the crib. These "scratches" are from E chewing on her crib.
3.) Be gentle - Kamikaze is a roughy toughy! She definitely knows how to hold her own.
4.) Let go - along with experimenting with her chompers, pulling hair is Kamikaze's second favorite thing to do.
5.) Sit on your bottom - this phrase is most commonly used in the bathtub. Kamikaze likes to try and stand up, surf, swim, crawl, etc. all while in the bathtub. I think this mama gets a new gray hair each night during bath time.

What are some common sayings in your household?

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Meredith Poe said...

Love it. Love it all. It gives me a glimpse in my not so distant future in our house with our sweet one just 3 months behind yours. We are still in the phase of - isn't she just the sweetest thing ever!? - but each day we see her vibrant personality come out more and more as she talks and jabbers and plays all the time.