Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Seventeen Things About Me

Well folks, yesterday I turned 17 weeks old. Mom is a little slow at getting my pictures put on this blog, but please forgive her. I require a lot of her time and attention! Here are 17 fun things about me:

1. My favorite person is my daddy.
2. I like to suck both my thumbs at the same time.
3. In the past few weeks I have started playing with my toys.
4. My new favorite toys are my feet.
5. I like to kick and splash in the bathtub and then laugh.
6. I wear a size 2 shoe (yes, this is a little large for a baby my age).
7. I don't like tummy time very much so I just roll from my tummy to my back.
8. I am working really hard on rolling from my back to my tummy. Although I don't know why,
because I don't like laying on my tummy.
9. I like to watch NCIS.
10. The ceiling fan is my best friend.
11. I only cry when I am hungry.
12. I smile after I spit-up.
13. I wear at least 7 bibs a day.
14. I like to sleep with my hands behind my head.
15. I like to sleep in the car.
16. I am a celebrity at my daddy's work.
17. I love to blow bubbles and drool.


Lizzie Fish said...

Glo - she's ADORABLE. What a sweet baby girl. =)

lindsay said...

That is the cutest post ever.

superior said...
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