Friday, October 24, 2008

Double Digits

10 weeks...WOW! The past 10 weeks have been absolutely incredible! Words could not adequately describe all that I have felt and experienced in just a short period of time. On August 12th our lives were forever changed by the arrival of a tiny 6lb 10oz beautiful baby named Eleanor Grace. What a blessing! I am daily humbled by the fact that God chose Daniel and I to be Eleanor's parents. In our own strength and on our own we are so inadequate, but God chose us anyway. I hope I never take that reality for granted. In only a blink of an eye 10 weeks will have turned to 1 year and then to 1o years. It is my prayer that Daniel and I will live in the moment, cherish each day and not wish this time away. I am not saying I won't stop wishing for E to sleep through the night or to successfully nap in her crib during the day, but until that day comes I will enjoy the middle of the night feeding when she sleepily greets me with a huge smile as I change her diaper and nurse her back to sleep or the hours spent rocking her during the day as she coos and smiles in sweet slumber.


lindsay said...

Is she in the laundry basket in this picture??? Way to multi-task, mom!

Jeanine said...

What a sweet tribute to your beautiful baby girl! And the laundry never looked cuter!