Thursday, September 11, 2008

Na-Na and Papa Have Arrived

My mom and step-dad finally arrived yesterday afternoon after an adventure filled road trip. Thanks to Gustav they could not find a hotel to stay in anywhere in Louisiana. On a whim, after calling a number of places in Lafayette, they pulled into a hotel with partial electricity and found a single room available. So, after driving 15 plus hours they were able to get some rest. Yesterday was less of an adventure and they made it to Dallas in good time. However, they arrived only to find that Hurricane Ike was no longer a threat to FL but would now be headed to TX! Go figure!

Mom has been a huge help already! Today she helped me fold 5 loads of laundry. Yes, 5 huge loads of laundry. I don't have any trouble getting the laundry washed and dried, but folding is a whole other issue. While I napped (a rarity in my day), Na-Na folded laundry and spent time with Ella.

On another note, Ella saw the doctor today. She has some mild reflux, more excessive spit-up then reflux, but anyway, it involved lots of spit-up and lots of laundry! We were amazed to find out that she now weighs 8lbs 12oz despite the amount of spit-up she produces on a daily basis. The doctor has prescribed Zantac and we will see if this helps reduce the number of clothing changes (both mine and hers) that occur each day.


Lizzie Fish said...

oh great news for your growing girl!

ADB said...

so happy that your mom is visiting. we need to get together after she leaves, so i can catch up on life with you and hold your precious little one!