Friday, April 27, 2007

Unwanted Guests

Daniel and I had some unwelcome and unwanted house guests this week. These guests entered our home unannounced. They forgot to wipe their feet on the way in and left a trail of muddy footprints on my carpet and in a few other places. They dumped out some of our things onto the floor, left our cabinet doors and drawers open, and then left with a few of our belongings....without our permission I might add. Yes, our home was broken into this week. Not what I expected to come home to on my lunch hour on what seemed to be a wonderful day. Fortunately, they only took "stuff." Stuff that is not eternal, stuff that is really just extra in our lives, but nice to own anyway. I will miss some of the stuff, but we will probably just buy more stuff and after a while we will not miss what was taken. Unfortunately, our digital camera was among the "stuff" and so there will be no new pics posted for a while. Thankfully our guests left before we came home and hopefully they will not return!

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Kim said...

hey blog friend. thanks for coming clean on my comment section! sorry to hear about the break in, that's a huge bummer...
take care, and keep checking back! i'm now officially going to be a checker of your blog. nicole M is awesome... i love her. good connection to have.