Sunday, September 17, 2006

Friday Afternoon at the Depot

I have recently started working for an auto insurance company. I am assistant to the VP of claims and so far I really like my job. This past Friday afternoon around 4:15pm the natives became a little restless as we began to dream of the upcoming weekend and time away from the Depot. I ran out to the car and grabbed the digital camera....and this is what ensued....

A typical afternoon in Dallas. Here we have traffic going both northbound and southbound. Notice the ice cream man pushing his cart in the middle.

Because very few people drive the speed limit around here, the poor ice cream guy did not make it very far before being hit by one of Dallas' many crazy drivers.

Unfortunately, the ice cream man was seriously injured while everyone else had minor damages to their vehicles.
Tip for the day: ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SEATBELT! And... don't become and ice cream man!

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