Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Husband's Thumb!

Daniel has something wrong with his thumb! I never noticed it before we got married, but in the past two months it has become more and more apparent. It looks perfectly normal, it is not some ghastly color, it does not have a weird crook in it, the nail is pretty nice and well trimmed. What in the world am I talking about then? Nothing out of the ordinary... Daniel has a green thumb! I was shocked to discover this, but it is such a nice surprise. Daniel bought me a chrysanthemum plant shortly after we returned from our honeymoon. It was beautiful at first, but after a couple of weeks in my office it looked terrible. I brought it home and tried to salvage it.

A few days later, I was outside watering our lemon tree (inherited from the Petros) and Daniel came out and started pruning the plant. He REALLY wants that plant to survive!

Not only does he have a green thumb, but he has great taste in flowers.

Last week I received flowers on Monday and Friday. They were beautiful!

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Amy said...

Glo, flowers twice in one week?? Wow, married life sounds fab =) how was your SL party?? I'm sorry I missed it =( miss you!!!