Sunday, May 28, 2006

19 DAYS!

Hello everyone! Sorry Daniel and I have not posted anything recently, but we have both been busy. Over the past few weeks Daniel finished up another semester at DTS and took a 1 week intensive class. I finished up my year at PCA with a terrific mission trip to Mexico with the eleventh graders. Daniel is now in Galveston with his groomsmen for his bachelor weekend while I am packing up boxes and boxes of books in his apartment! What kind of deal is that?

We are 19 days away from becoming husband and wife and we are both looking forward to the big day. There are a few last minute details to be taken care of, but for the most part we are in the seventh inning stretch. We will begin moving our stuff into our new apartment on June 7th. I am looking forward to arranging and decorating our new home with the many gifts we have received from family and friends.

If you have not checked out the photo link to the right, take a few minutes and enjoy some photos of the festivities.

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